Loan Details
  • Interest rate
    From 1.95% / year
  • Maximum credit amount
    50.000 €

Additional rates & fees

Interest rate
From 1.95% / year
Maximum credit amount
50.000 €
Free unscheduled repayment
Free total repayment

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Postbank is a large German retail bank, which operates as a brand of Deutsche Bank’s retail arm. Almost every post office in Germany also serves as a bank and apart from sending packages and letters, you can also open a bank account or take out a loan. You can also do all these things online.
Postbank offers the same conditions for existing and new customers and unscheduled repayments as well as total repayment is possible and free of charge at any time.
It is possible to reschedule/repay debt of existing loans. Postbank also offers Credit protection. Another rather important point: Rate breaks are subject to a charge.